Equine Professionals

The Equine Professional

Out hunting if you'd like to try it contact me its great fun. Hunt season is May - Mid Sept!! Hunting with Findon Harriers Hunt Club

Team Froesch at Glenara Park are Equine Professional's in every sense of the definition. Melissa Froesch instructs pupils in the finer art of horse riding with a particular emphasis on jumping, including showjumping, cross country and hunting.  Glenara Park offers a full livery service to riders, incorporating the use of tack, rugs and transport to events.

When watching a horse walk out, equine professionals like Bert and Melissa Froesch, can recognise the danger signs of potential structural (skeletal and muscular) injuries. The attention to detail and combined expertise of Team Froesch who are skilled in administering veterinary medicines, ensures that horses being cared for by Glenara Park, compete at their highest level of fitness.

Variety in work is a key to Melissa's success with her horses. Many trainers follow the same work routine for a horse - day in, day out. Monotony can cause a horse to sour and turn off jumping altogether. Melissa chooses to employ a variety of work, based on the individual needs of the horse, every day.

Out hunting.. If you'd like to try it contact me. Hunt season is May - Mid Sept