Miss Cognac

Miss Cognac - Cornerstone of Breeding Enterprise

MARES are the cornerstone of any horse breeding operation. Elite show jumper Miss Cognac, a small statured, 15.2-hand brown mare, took Melissa Froesch to the pinnacle of the sport - World Cup events - when she was a junior rider in her teens.  The little mare that travelled and jumped like a much bigger horse, competed in Grand Prix classes during the 1990s, winning and placing in several events over demanding courses up to 1.6m high.  

Photo above is Miss Cognac jumping a 1.55m oxer at the Royal Melbourne Grand Prix Class in 1993 where she was only one if three horses that day to jump two clear rounds.  Miss Cognac - ridden by a then 16 year old Melissa Froesch, placed third on the day over a course built by Internationally acclaimed course designer John Vallace.

Miss Cognac became the foundation mare for the Froeschs' breeding program, which aims to produce elite show-jumping horses. 

Stallions obviously play a vital role, but a mare can influence a stud with her progeny for years to come. Melissa Froesch is developing one such strategy. She and her family hope to make the most of the legacy of a champion little brown mare called Miss Cognac on their Glenara Park stud at Broadford.

"She has been a super horse for us,'' Melissa says. "Not only was she a freak jumper herself she has also bred good jumpers.''

In August 2010, in what was a heartbreaking decision for the Froesch family, Miss Cognac was put down at the age of 28 due to poor health. But thanks to science, her legacy continues.

Glenara Bollinger,Glenara Master Cognac, Glenara Chandon and many others!!

Glenara Chandon Dam Miss Cognac Sire Warlord 11 World Cup Showjumper!!

Two horses bred from Miss Cognac embryos - Glenara Bollinger and Glenara Master Cognac - have gone on to win the prestigious Jumping with the Stars Champion of Champions competition at Werribee Park in the past five years.

Also Miss Cognac has bred two World Cup Show Jumpers in Glenara Bollinger and Glenara Chandon. As well other winning showjumper such as Glenara Black Russian, Glenara White Russian, Glenara Vintage Rose, Glenara Dom Perigon, Glenara Moet, Glenara Rose Of Cognac and Glenara Lady Cognac.

Now there are off spring from some of the Miss Cognac off spring such as Glenara Cognac (frozen semen for sale Stallions @ Stud), Glenara Pimms, Glenara Lady Cognac and Glenara Mudslide who is already a winner in the showjumping ring!!

Glenara Master Cognac 2010 Champion Of Champion Jumpers
Glenara Bollinger Miss Cognac - Warlord 11 2008 Champio
Glenara Vintage Rose Miss Cognac - Warlord 11
Glenara Bollinger Miss Cognac - Warlord 11 Tempo World