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Our Breeding Strategy

The Froesch family's passion, is breeding and all the Glenara bred horses are branded with a heart and the letters MF - initials for Melissa Froesch.

For Melissa, and parents Bert and Margaret, evidence that their approach to breeding with proven horses on both the dam and sire lines improves the odds of producing a star jumper is supported by the performance of Glenara Bollinger and Glenara Master Cognac - horses that have gone on to win the prestigious Jumping with the Stars Champion of Champions competition at Werribee Park in the past five years.

Unique in Australia

"If the mare can jump, I think you double your chance of breeding an above-average show jumper,'' Melissa says. "If you just put a nice type of mare that can't jump to a top stallion, you are basically asking the stallion to provide 100 per cent of the performance genetics, and no stallion can do that.''

Melissa says their Miss Cognac female breeding line now boasts two generations which have competed at World Cup level, and she is confident a young mare in training - Glenara Lady Bollinger - may be the third generation to make it to the top level.

"To have that kind of breeding in an Australian line of show jumpers is fairly unique, I think it would be difficult to find a dam line like it anywhere else that's Australia bred not Imported.''